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About Rahban tire

Rahban Tire Group Co.,LTD is honored to be a reputable member in tire industry for over 30 years.
​​​​​​​At first started with widespread distribution of famous Iranian brands such as Barez tire, Kian tire, Pars tire, which continues to the present time with being one the biggest agents of Kian tireRahban Tire Group Co.,LTD has been the formal agent of Many Companies, for all types of tires, TBR, OTR, PCR, LTR.
Rahban Tire Group Co.,LTD has an efficient distribution network of Iranian, Chinese and Europian products all around the Iran country and is proud of itself with offering the best quality tires.

The Company has an account report of over 6 million dollars each month which is hopefully increasing each month.

سبد خرید

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